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The sock store provides inspiration for your feet. Only 12 exist in the World. Each are carefully crafted for comfort. Each sock is made from using organic ink. Start your BTDLLC sock collection today!

Free Your Mind BTDLLC Socks



  • These aren't your normal socks. They should never be thrown in with the general wash. Never wash these socks in hot water or dry them with high heat. Do not use bleach or any detergent that contains bleach. If your laundry detergent brags about making whites whiter, it probably has bleach in it.

    Washing. To clean socks, the first thing you should do is to turn them inside out. Washing them this way helps keep them fluffy and comfortable. Wash them in cold or cold/warm water with a mild detergent that does not have bleach. Add  a liquid softener to keep the fibers soft and flexible.

    Drying. The best way to dry your socks is to air dry them outside in indirect sunlight. If this is impractical or it is raining, tumble dry them on the lowest setting. If the air is too hot it might compromise the fiber technology.

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