Happy Trio - PART I - Taking Care of “The Self”: MIND

Your body {mind } and spirit; perhaps others would prefer to refer to it as soul. To explain the body and mind, many scholars and great thinkers have naturally turned to science; an explanation of situations we can experience through our five senses, to rationalize the world around us. Hard science based of factual, physical evidence that has been proven, while there are others of us who have turned to a more traditional explanation, via a set of beliefs, to help them further comprehend the human condition, including a strong faith in a supreme being that is the master of the universe; religion. Either way you choose to lean, the statement still remains, that these three faculties are what have been used as an aid to describe the state of humanity for many ages both scientifically and religiously; a way of explaining ourselves, to ourselves. The existence of this trio, that being, the mind, body and spirit, and their importance to one another makes this trio of high importance. It has been said that with a balance of these faculties- the mind body and spirit- an individual can reach a point of peace and calm within themselves, helping that person to weave through life’s leaps and bounds with greater ease and seeming effortlessness, while maintaining a true and authentic sense of self. For instance, yogis and monks choose to live a life away from materialism and focus on centering themselves to connect with their higher selves. They choose walk a completely different path in life and shed all worldly possessions to attaining a better understanding of the human condition, finding answers from within one’s own self, as opposed to without.

The world at large is a place filled with many distractions, at times making it difficult to operate. Regardless, one must continue on with their life and make the best of it, no matter the circumstances. In this piece I will illuminate how by taking care of “The Self,†one may find that balance between the mind, body and spirit. Everything on earth is connected; the beautiful with the ugly and good with the bad. In the following will be a 3 part blog post and we will outline the importance of each entity, how best to maintain each one and in the final post, describe the full connection between the mind, body and spirit (soul).

The Mind

All you need is your mind, and to manage that mind. It is the ability to maneuver an ostentatious matrix within one’s own being which will prove most important; The Self. Each head has its own physical brain that serves as its command center and inner world, like that of no other, which interprets its surrounding world in a different tune than the next brain. Maintaining the mind is among the most important aspects of balancing “The Self,†because it is the area of control for everything inside and out of your known existence. The mind can take you from living in a modest, yet outdated basement, to a comfortable beachfront villa in Nice, France; then you wake up. The mind can also, literally map out steps on how to make a move from that modest, yet outdated place that you need a break from, to a villa in Nice, France; the choice is yours. I am not one for clichés, but I firmly believe in the power of the mind. If you look at any great story, it started in an individual’s mind. As an example, take you waking up this morning; the continuation of the greatest and most important story you have been writing for years. Are you going to give up now? No. That is the power of the mind; simple decisions that connect to one another through time, to finally yield the result of the mind’s choosing. A subtle, however complex simplicity that composes a paradox of daily does and do nots. To master the mind is a never ending process and will last through a person’s lifetime. There is no end to the pursuit of mastering the mind. It is the greatest and only instrument, of which a living being is in need of to survive; the ultimate tool. No human, I believe, has ever mastered the mind of their own.

I have created a formula. This formula was built as a grandfather’s tool box was. Each tool was acquired as time went by. A lump sum was never the way of the tool box. That is neither the path nor way of the toolbox. To neither master the mind or enhance it, but to provide a healthy structure and system of beliefs to maintain and reinforce its own strength. Through discipline, self-control, gratitude, a healthy confidence and belief system, the mind will maintain its strength. The choice is yours. Through the beauty of BeTheDifferenceLLC, I have conjured up a formula which I call, D.S.G.C.B, to help maintain the strength of the mind.

DISCIPLINE- To discipline the mind is to maintain a strict level of self-respect within one’s self. Without respect for “The Self,†a mind cannot uphold its true desires and virtues. Take a week or two, to truly analyze your mind. See where and what it flows, and what it focuses on and I suggest that you to that drift. Remember that your INTENTION combined with your ATTENTION will result in your reality; every time. The mind never stops working. During these few weeks, you may notice things about yourself that you both love, and would rather not change, or there may be some things that you hate and feel the need to improve on. It is all connected. Neither praise, nor come down on yourself. Just let things be and explore your being. By analyzing “The Self†you may find a great deal more about yourself that you never knew, bringing about moments for self-improvement and brief reflection, which will result in positive outcomes inside of you mind.

Take brief notes, daily, to reflect on your day before you go to bed. Write down what you can improve upon to help your mind maintain a stronger discipline. This may sound like another cliché, but TRUST ME, when you feel the results in a few weeks, you’ll say thank you to yourself. Love “The Self.â€

SELF- CONTROL- This point is deeply connected to the last. Discipline and self-control may be synonymous in the sense that they both require the mind to maintain a certain level of responsibility. Self- control is mainly regarding the resistance of external influences that have no true value with respect to your abundance in life.For a widely known example, many individuals choose to drink heavily on weekends with friends to “let loose.†While this may seem, and may actually be fun and exciting in the moment, there is no real benefit to loosing yourself†in a club, or bar or party, just so you can feel numb to your problems and â€escape for the moment.â€

A sense of self- control is making a choice with “The Self†to both go out- and have one drink- or none at all. Through self- control you will develop a habit to enjoy life without any extremities; the freedom is boundless. Abstaining from external vices and muses will keep you aligned with your authentic self. The mind will thank you for your services and reward you with happiness and appreciation through the secretion of a D.O.S.E. of a natural high (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins); natural and happy brain chemicals that are released through moments of satisfaction. Self- control is a small step that will pile on quicker than you can imagine. Control “The Self.â€