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I've barely had a chance to consume this world and it’s intricacies I've barely had a chance to breathe But I woke up today.

Ready to work hard for another day.

Only you truly know how much it took to reach this day. The amount of hours you put toward honing your craft, the stress and late nights and early mornings. All of the times that you questioned whether or not it was worth it to undertake the struggle and keep fighting- yet you kept pushing through, with faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Well, you made it- here. YOU are the difference. The fact that you are here today and able to read this post proves to you, even further, how your hard work has paid off. All of that hard work led you to this point in life.

The design of this t-shirt was inspired by all of the brilliant and hardworking people we have met through our journey throughout life and in building this company. Hard work always pays off, but many times it is only for you to feel and the outside world does not know what it took. You showed yourself that you are as great as we feel you are- all of this to get you to the point in which you firmly stand today. Only you know what it took and what it takes. So be proud and show the world that hard work pays off every time. Wear the “Hard Work Pays Off” t-shirt proudly on your chest and help the next person realize that their greatness will be shown though their hard work. It is all worth it. Be The Difference.

Hard Work Pay Off.

William Wade Jr.- BTDLLC

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