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We live in a world in which we are told what is accepted or “cool.” With all of the exposure to the highlights of other people’s lives through social media, the internet, and television we are constantly being pulled in directions that are not of our own choosing. We see a person with all of our deepest desires and watch people being revered and labeled as “celebrities” and “stars-” So many people try to “be like that.” We see our neighbor’s grass cut perfectly, with every blade length the same as the last, so we perceive it as perfect and work to make ours “look like that.” All we really have in life is perception and choice. Your neighbor’s lawn looked perfect until you chose to touch it. In that moment you realized that, unlike yours, it was actually artificial. There is no need to water that grass- it cannot grow. Sometimes in life the grass is greener on the other side because it is fake.

The grass is greener right here. The grass is greener wherever you choose to water it.

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