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Love the Journey

There is a beginning, middle and end to every experience that will be had in this life. Starting on the road to any final destination, whether realistically or figuratively, one must make a decision to begin a dedicated and strict movement toward that end result; whatever that result is for you. Naturally, there are many times along the way when we may get distracted, discouraged and solely focus on the end goal, because we want it so badly, but there is so much more to it than to simply focus on an end point. My favorite analogy is painting a picture; a collection of small strokes of a paint brush, put together to finally compose “the big picture.” Through the process, we finally see the whole painting- the end result.

When you first make that auspicious decision to truly follow your heart and passion, to become the person you feel you were always meant to be and follow the path that one needs to embark upon, many things begin to happen. Many barriers begin to present themselves; it is proven by many of the greats throughout history. Those around you may call you out of your name, slander you and tell you that you’re crazy, and so on. Maybe you are crazy! Embrace it! That’s what it takes; an “off the wall” and focused sort of way of being that many shy away from because it is far from the norm. There will be much noise thrown at you, both negative and positive; Move through all of it. Keep your head held high through the noise. But keep your nose down and remain humble in your pursuits.

Just always remember who you are, in your soul. You may begin to feel different than ever before; unqualified, like you are ‘faking it,’ like a fraud. You may lose people in your life that you always thought would be there. This is all part of the process of creation of the authentic self; part of the creation of building your road- one brick at a time. It may also be comparable to a simple lesson of physics; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you begin to feel good about who you are becoming and feel that you are on the correct path, resistance is inevitable, but your destruction is futile. You must learn to overcome the resistance and doubt not only around you, but most of all, within yourself.

I do not know how that final point feels yet, but I see it in my head every day. I know that in the end, it will not be all about the goal or end point; although I hear that it will taste so very sweet. That point will end up being the easiest part. What you will remember is the journey that you walked. The path you stalked. The road that you paved every day, on the same path you walked- daily. The people around you who chose to go with you will remember the laughs, pain, blood, sweat and tears in which you shared. It is all about the journey and less about the end point. That is what matters; the journey. Fall in love with it. Embrace your failures. Focus on your dreams. Keep your head held high and keep marching. Enjoy the journey.


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