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Happy Trio- Taking Care of “The Self”: Spirit

In the last few posts, we covered the importance of the mind and the body, and how these two necessary components are connected to one another; you cannot have one without the other. This final selection will help to wrap up the whole trifecta. While some may find it discourteous, I mean no disrespect and I encourage the reader to open their heart, and consider a different perspective that may in the end, actually coincide with your own convictions.

Arguably the most controversial piece of the Happy Trio, because every cohort and individual has their own interpretation of it, the final element is regarded by many as the spirit, or soul. It is a great part of many religious texts and considered as an eternal light, so to speak, that exists within all of us. Personally, while I do have a great respect for these institutions and belief systems, I am no religious scholar, pastor, imam, or a part of any of the sorts; I am just a man who chooses to help people in any positive way through life, no matter what size. I feel that part of my purpose of the time spent here through this human experience is to help others through my writing as well as via in- person interactions; thus, we all help one another symbiotically. This section is pure self- interpretation, self- reflection and derived through time spent in churches, mosques, and conversations with Buddhists and individuals who themselves, choose to live a life of peace and compassion to build their own “Happy Trio” into a complete and working organism.

The spirit is unexplainable. Once an individual speaks on the spirit, it can be a lie, because one cannot capture the spirit through words, or even see the spirit through visual perception. Like the concept of a supreme being, the spirit cannot be captured or experienced, it can only be realized. A spiritual yogi I once spent much quality time with told me those words; “the spirit can only be realized.” I remember asking her how long she took for her to reach that conclusion, and how she reached it, she replied to me, with every answer I reached, another presented itself. Explaining the spirit is a never ending journey within one’s own being. With every destination that is reached, there will always be another. The element of the spirit is a personal journey and cannot come from any other human outside of your person. Other people though, can help you attain a better understanding and/ or different perspective. Many others, who come from different walks of life, have helped me.

If you have been following this series which I have entitled, Happy Trio, you’ve read how the mind is important to constantly work with and improve. Its strength is vital, as it is the control center. Next, the body was highlighted. The body’s importance is after the mind because it can fail, and the mind can keep you moving through life. Take the late Stephen Hawking as a great example of this.

With the both of these aspects working as best as one can, that individual will feel a great sense of completeness within them self. I believe that a spirit lives within every living being on the planet. For example, there is something inside of you that your mind can choose to dig out from inside of the body to keep you pushing through a situation that is stress filled. If you have ever heard the words, Dig Deep, that is what you are looking for in that moment; the rest of what is left inside of you, your spirit. Your mind and body may have been weakened by a tragic event, or simply through a tough workout, but when you Dig Deep, that is when the spirit kicks in, I believe. The power and will of the spirit can carry you through, when the muscles give out and your mind begins to decide to say to you, ok, that is enough, maybe tomorrow. Instead, in that moment you search within yourself, maybe unknowingly and the spirit kicked in to help you on that last mile, or last rep at the gym.

The spirit is unbreakable and has an eternal existence. Your body and mind will eventually waste away, but the spirit will live on forever. There was a time in my life when a close buddy of mine passed away. I was 21 and still in school and I remember having to take a final exam around the time of his passing. My mind could not focus in those weeks and my body had begun to give up already. It was hard to focus study and solely do what I was there to do, which was get good grades. I will never forget how studying for this particular economics final, felt like the death of me; or so I thought. After a few weeks of poor and unfocused studying, the exam date came. I remember walking into the room as nervous as a cat ready for a bath. I took that exam and was surprised with the results. I got an A on that econ final and a B+ in the class. Through my own personal health problems and the passing of my buddy, I suppose I chose to Dig Deep within myself to find the time to prepare myself as best as I could; either this by itself, or a combination of many other variables. I believe my buddy Tony was there helping me study in the preceding weeks as well as that afternoon. His spirit lived on and preformed one more miracle with my own; to help me through that exam. There is no physical way to prove this to anyone but myself, but I know there was something greater with me during that exam; I felt so unprepared and unfocused. It may have been Tony’s spirit, or a supreme being itself, but the spirit tapped in during those moments and helped me realize something greater in the following days; another part of this journey of realizing the spirit.

The spirit is real and I encourage and hope that the reader searches for it within them self. You will find the realization of the spirit. Dig Deep. Remember those words the next time you feel like giving in. Dig DEEP. Uncover the importance of the trifecta; The Happy Trio. Peace.


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