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What's really Freedom Anyway

There will be a pivotal point in your life where you start questioning what freedom is and how much of it you have. According to the dictionary this is what freedom means:

the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint

Do you feel you've exercised freedom throughout your life? Take a moment and think of times when this has applied. Ok; now, think of the various influences you have. Imagine that their viewpoint never existed. Would your thought process still be the same? If no are you willing to go against the grain to tell your influencers that their viewpoint is no longer relevant. Now turn the TV, radio and internet off for a day or two. Are you will to try a new journey? To be truly free is to be without all of these external influences. When you unplug, you allow your higher power (whoever/whatever that is) to remind you of what's important, where you should be and how to effect the lives you encounter. Life is beautiful and can be very inspirational. Are you willing to accept a challenge to unplug for FREEDOM?


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