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Why Hayden's Heart

Many of you might be wondering why we give to charity and why choose Hayden's Heart? For starters, we have a DEEP love for children. They are so smart, caring and often times tame the hardest of hearts. Anyway, at my current job, we celebrate each employees birthday by buying cakes. I decided why not give the cake money to charity. My manager found the charity from one of her facebook posts. She was kind enough to donate on the company's behalf. I was clueless until one day my manager presented me with a thank you card (from Hayden's heart). My heart melted seeing the baby and knowing that my manger donated to a charity that I would appreciate. It soon dropped when I read how Hayden passed away. The charity was formed to raise awareness for babies who are hospitalized and are in need of funds to minimized the hospital costs. One or two years later, my business was formed and I made it my duty to contact this charity. I asked if it was ok to donate and of course we had a trial contract. Ever since 2015 or so, we've been constantly sending 10% of all sales (no matter how big or small the monthly profits are). Below is a little more about the charity and always feel free to visit our site or theirs for more information:

Hayden's Heart is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that has been created to honor Hayden Jeter Dorsett. Our mission with his foundation is to raise CHD awareness and to keep Hayden's Memory alive by helping families affected by CHD.

Hayden's Heart is a local charity in New Jersey which makes it a bonus.

haydens heart

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