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Express Yourself

Did you know that what you wear is an expression of yourself? Are you aware of how you are feeling? What colors do you wear often? Remember back when we had the Charka socks? Did you know that the colors you gravitate to usually give a clear outlook on what charka you are operating from? In a nutshell, the higher the charka the more elevated you are. It's worth doing a little research if you have questions. Reach out to Certified Metaphysical instructor William Soto email: or cell: 201-981-6098.

charka socks
charka socks

When you wear something uplifting (like one of our inspirational t-shirts or items), your mood tends to elevate more towards happy than sad. For example, if you wear the t-shirt A Paycheck is Not a Passion, you are more likely to start working towards your desired goal. While wearing that t-shirt, you end up inspiring all the other people who see your message. This is how you express yourself in a worthy manner. Everyday is a chance to elevate yourself and those around you. So... have you done your part today?

paycheck t-shirt

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