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3 Ways to Be The Difference Without Saying a Word

In this blog, we're talking about 3 ways to be the difference without saying a word.

  1. Smile. A smile can go a very long way. Did you know during one of my most trying times, someone's smile reached my soul. I will never forget the encounter. Check out this episode of Hello World where we went in detail about the importance of a smile

2. Wear an inspirational message. Hint hint....Visit the site for one of our printed clothing

designs. Everything is made it inspire the person wearing and those seeing the


woman wearing a t-shirt
Honesty = freedom t-shirt

3. Everyday acknowledgement. It's time we start doing the oldie but goodie way of

humanity. Say Hello, open doors, say thank you etc... shall I go on? Let's practice

common curtsey and be kind.

Thanks for reading. Please like, stare and shop

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