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The Birth of BTDLLC


This company was established in August of 2014. Most if not all designs or sayings are created to inspire and encourage the wearer and those who see the designs. Some designs are inspired by personal experiences and others from situations I see or hear. I distinctly remember the moment I decided to do t-shirts. I was driving home from an event when for the first time in my life I saw a person “stuck”. They were literally standing on the corner bent backwards just swaying a little. After I drove by it just hit me… I remember thinking, what am I doing I am no different than the next person who just says to theirselves wow so sad. I felt could no longer stomach being the passerby. It took guts and I battled fear of being rejected to create the Addiction Kills The Family shirt. I am at the point where my concern lies in comfort and support. This company has many discussion pieces and light hearted playful themes that it can appeal to any age, race or understanding.

I decided to expand the company by doing presentations and workshops. While it is fun seeing sales and brand growth, what benefit would it be if people did not fully understand the power each design holds. My hope is for lives to change, sparks to be lit, hearts to remember or believe in love. Last but not least, each person applying what was shared.


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