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Complete Guide to Designing your T-Shirts Online

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Are you planning a family reunion or gearing up for the big game with your sports team? Customized t-shirts can add a fun and unified touch to the occasion. Thanks to online t-shirt printing stores, you can easily create personalized designs that represent your group's spirit and identity. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of designing your ideal t-shirt print order for your family reunion or sports team.

Step 1: Define your Purpose and Theme

Step 2: Fill out your Order Form Online

Step 3: Select Styles, Sizes, Shirt Colors, Quantity and Font

Step 4: Review and Place Order

Step 5: Track T-Shirt Delivery Shipment

Step 1: Define your Purpose and Theme

Begin by clarifying your purpose and theme for the event. Are you celebrating a family milestone, such as a reunion or anniversary, or rallying your sports team for an upcoming game? Your theme will help you determine the style, colors, and graphics for your t-shirt design. If you need help, request a call back on our website.

Step 2: Find your Order Form Online

Research and select a reputable online t-shirt printing company. Look for reviews, customer testimonials, and a user-friendly website. Like Be The Difference online T-shirt print store in Jersey City with numerous 5-star reviews and years as a reputable brand. Review all their options for pricing, printing options, and delivery to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Step 3: Select Styles, Sizes, Colors, Quantity and Font

Browse through the available t-shirt styles, colors, and sizes on the printing company's website. Consider the preferences and sizes of your group members. Classic crew necks, V-necks, or long sleeves? Make your choices accordingly.

Step 4: Design your Shirts

This is the creative part! We at Be the Difference offer design options that allow you to send us your artwork in high resolution and details of your desired placement.

Follow these tips:

  • Incorporate your theme and purpose into the design.

  • Upload high-resolution images for clarity.

  • Experiment with different fonts, colors, and graphics.

  • Ensure your design fits how you like by including placement details. I.e.; front, back left or right breast...

Step 5: Review and Place Order

Before finalizing your design, carefully review every detail. Check for spelling errors, alignment issues, and color choices. It's wise to have a few team members or family members review it too, to catch any mistakes.

Once you're satisfied with your design, add the desired quantity of t-shirts to your cart. Double-check the sizes and quantities to ensure accuracy. Proceed to the checkout and provide your shipping and payment information.

Step 6: Track T-Shirt Delivery Shipment

After placing your order, patiently await your customized t-shirts to arrive. As a trusted printing company we provide estimated delivery times. Make sure to plan your event accordingly.

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