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One Thing Remains ...

Have you ever thought about breaking off a long term friendship or romantic relationship? Of course you have! It has crossed every human beings mind. Each and every one of us has been a victim or victimized a relationship. Before you drop another person, consider some of the thoughts below:

1. Have I considered all of the good this person(s) have done in my life?

2. Do I feel guilty?

3. Have I really tried to resolve the issue(s)?

4. Am I practicing patience?

5. How will my actions affect the people around me?


Look ... the list can go on and on and on ...

When will we all stop the cycle of hurt? Is it possible for any of us to apologize (especially if they may not be your favorite person(s)), to admit or even be the first to take a huge chunk of humble pie?

Challenge yourself, for the next month, to be completely honest (in a respectful/tactful way) in good or difficult situations. If you have done wrong, make it right. As long as there is air and blood pumping through the body, anything can be made new.

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