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The future: Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next time.

Course Description:

Call me Baby. I will be your professor for the next few years. I will teach you how to do things that you had no idea you were capable of doing. In this course, we will learn much from one another and create a bright future for all of those who are involved in this process; as long as you follow this syllabus and recognize that there are mutual benefits. There are various quizzes involved in this course and when you pass them, the future will prove to be brighter- yes, WHEN you pass them. You will learn patience. You will learn to laugh again, if you have forgotten. You will show me unconditional love, as I will show you. Seeing how I cannot speak your language yet, you will learn my ways and I will work hard every day to learn the ways of you giants. Regardless, we will learn to communicate our desires to one another. You will teach me how to love and show me what love truly is. You will learn to feed me when I please and learn to change my excrement’s at my desire. As long as I am cared for, you will feel content. After all, I am 50% of you, again, except I am 100% me. You will learn me and I will learn you. Should you pass these examinations, I will reciprocate with smiles and hugs, and upon my departure from this arraignment, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. My mind is where the future begins. Thank you in advance for making my future BRIGHT!

Disclaimer: Excuse me in advance for any human bodily fluids that will be release by me and may make anyone in the room feel unsettled. This is all part of the process. Trust the process.

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