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The process of life is a journey of many ups and downs; rights and lefts; yes and no. On this journey we will find ourselves in places where we never thought we would be. Sometimes our experiences are created in the mind through unusual experiences and situations we may find ourselves in, as a result of the choices we make. Whether grand or poor, we must live with these choices and the results that they yield. On the other hand, we may find ourselves in situations that simply come upon us, seemingly by a way in which we cannot even begin to explain how we ended up in that certain situation. It could be a situation having to do with the crumbling of something that you have built, such as a business. Or maybe the decline in your health in some way, shape or form. Through these experiences we will fall and feel as thought tomorrow will be just as cloudy as the length of time it took for the commodity to become destroyed.

Nonetheless, we strive and work to find a way through "it;" Whatever "it" may be. The age old quote, "Fall down 7 times, get up 8," is not only a perfectly fitting quote for this particular design of t-shirt, but it is absolutely necessary to remember when life knocks you off of your feet, leaving you bloody broken and bruised. When life takes your business, or your health or your dreams and seems to shatter them right in front of you.

In these moments are when we must remain at our strongest. In our weakest moments are when we must remember who we are and that we are at a point of growth. A perfect time to ReBuild and refocus.

Never give up.

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