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In terms of poker, it would seem as though life is the greatest dealer. From our first breath we are given a small deck of cards that change by the day. How we play these metaphorical deck of cards, is what brings us to be introduced to the next day. Regardless of the cards that life deals a person, the best option is to play them as best as we can. The choices that are made create many challenges, as well as opportunity.

The "Survivor" sock was inspired by people who have found a way to keep pushing- signifying a reminder to yourself of what you have overcome in your own personal life path. No matter what deck of cards life has handed you- or someone close to you- the choice was to survive and fight toward another day. Believe that you are truly a survivor of many circumstances in your life and remind yourself of that every time you wake up. It is because of your choices, your will, your ambition and faith, that you are still here on this beautiful day.

We here at BeTheDifferenceLLC believe people are amazing and should be recognized for their personal achievements through life's many unexpected hurdles. Though many people have their own personal narratives regarding their own story in life, we understand that you are not here by chance, bur rather through sheer persistence to feel the essence of life. Say it loud and proud!


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