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I keep going.

I know how it is.

I know how it feels.

Losing everything.

Everything you have known as normal.

Like water on your swollen palm.

The few drops that remained.

They slipped away.

Try catching water.

In the desert.

Dying of thirst.

These final drops.

They will keep you.

For how long? Who knows, really.

It’s just me out here.

I found an island of palm trees and fresh water.

I awoke to find myself still in the desert.

Hours past.

I encountered voyagers.

They were friendly.

We set up camp and made a fire.

It gets cold out here.

Sharing their stories, foods and drinks with me;


When I awoke, the travelers were all gone.

Another mirage?

All that was left was a bottle of rum and container of water.

I must keep on.

I can go on no more.

The sun in my face.

Serving as my enemy.

It’s kisses sting my neck.

I look around.

It’s just me here.

The rum was my friend.

The water is my life partner.

We make sweet love until I can feel no more.

With the rum I can feel no more.

When I awake, the water blesses my organs;


There is no more rum.

There is still water.

I feel again.


My old friend.

I look around.

It’s just me here.

My eyes aimed at the sky.

I’m humbled.

They told me you would help.

They told me you would be here.

It was never just me there.

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