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When It Hits the FAN

Isn't it great to be motivated and inspired??? Of course it is, BUT what about those days and times where it all seems impossible to get out of the funk. Those days and times when you want to hide under a rock or just end it ALL. Unfortunately, you CAN'T! Want to know why .... there are to many people who need you. You need you and you need to see and feel what it is to be content and happy. When it all hits the fan, consider it as the end of all the pain and trouble. Think past the current situation and remember the best moments you had before anything went out of control. Call a trusted person who can listen and talk you through. Whatever you do, know that you are responsible for taking care of you first. It is absolutely normal for everyone to experience hardship and trials. It is absolutely normal to lean or a friendly shoulder for advice. It is absolutely normal to hurt. What is not normal is to go through it alone. All in all; when it all hits the fan, know you have a support system. People care, you just have to take the necessary steps in finding available solutions. In the end, we are here to inspire you. We also want you to know that being human is perfectly fine. Hold on and never give up! As long as you have air in your lungs, you have a chance to be better version of you!

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