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Prayer Works - A bloggers Perspective

When I was first starting out on Instagram, I saw a photograph of a person wearing a t-shirt that said “Prayer Works”. I happen to know from experience that prayer does work, and so I responded something along the lines of Amen, or Yes It Does! And then I heard back from the creator of the t-shirt, and we arranged to meet so that I could post about her wonderful work in my blog. For those people who know me and have read my blog, I write about wonderful people and places and things – a lifestyle blog, but one that focuses on having an abundant life in whatever form that abundance arrives. I write about thrift stores and events, art and artists, small businesses, designers, fashion, food and life. If it brings abundance, if it is encouraging and uplifting, I’ll write about it, and someone making t-shirts that say Prayer Works is definitely someone I want to write about. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know that Be The Difference Clothing, or BTDLLC, makes t-shirts and socks and onesies for the little ones that have inspirational and uplifting, encouraging sayings on them. I’d be attracted to the sayings all by themselves, but there is an artistry behind the creation of the clothing that goes much deeper than a happy quote. The designs are made to help us think and feel the impact of the words written on them, and to help encourage us to have the courage to believe that we can make a difference in our own lives, with others, and in the world.

Prayer Works is not just a nice thing to say – Prayer really does work, and by praying we become a part of a greater work in the world. The act of praying is an act of intercession – we are actively taking part in the situation we are praying about. Scripture tells us that when we don’t know what to pray, the Holy Spirit helps us (Romans 8:26). The seemingly simple act of praying, or of trying to pray, calls on the most powerful force in existence to help us pray and have an impact on the situation we are praying about. Prayer does not have to be done in any particular form. Just thinking about a person or a situation and asking for guidance or wisdom or the ability to do those things we may feel we cannot – to forgive, to love, to not be afraid, to find peace in a storm – that is a prayer. Instead of calling everyone we know to ask for advice, or suffering sleepless nights and anxiety – things I used to do before I was born again – we can pray, and be still, and in that stillness find the answer sometimes or sometimes just the next step, or sometimes just the ability to trust and wait and know that though things may be confusing or frightening or hitting every trigger we have, we can find peace and rest and the strength to let go and let God.

Photo by Eugene Galles: Dress by Jean Paul Knott

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Photo By Eugene Galles

Dress byJean Paul KNott

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