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Holiday Difference


-5 oceans.

-7.6 Billion people.

-7 continents. [Depending on where you were raised]

Asia-- 3,674,000,000 people

Africa-- 778,000,000 people

Europe-- 342,000,000 people

North America-- 483,000,000 people

South America-- 342,000,000 people

Australia and Oceania-- 31,000,000 people

Antarctica-- 0 people

195 countries.....


Your country,

Your region,

Your city,

Your neighborhood,

Your Family...


and then you.

Many times we may choose to look at the world with a perspective that is absolute; naturally, the most comfortable interpretation.. During the holiday season it can prove supportive to look at the world from a perspective that may be unlike yours. As we look at the world, it simultaneously reflects, and looks back at us. The holiday season is a tradition that respects that collective interpretation from the earth's many societies, back to you. This is a time of year that composes many moments of care and compassion.

Comprehending these numbers, as well as understanding the significance of our earth's various celebrations, may help one put into perspective how important we all are to one another; whether on an individual or group basis. It is widely known that near the end of the year, many areas around the world tend to celebrate, not only the culmination of another year, but also commemorate their religious and spiritual beliefs.. At Be The Difference we choose to celebrate the similarities in each culture, religion and people;; as opposed to the differences. This is the time of year to also celebrate humanity, and our collective desire to recognize our brothers and sisters world wide, as the year 2017 comes to a glorious end! Recognize and appreciate the similarities that you see when you look at your neighbor, who may look, sound, smell, taste or feel nothing like you.

Although we are all different, we can grow and learn together, through our similarities.. This is the paradox of being the difference and making a positive difference in life; making that difference in your immediate world, so it may resonate into the world.


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