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BACK to School

As summer comes to a swift end, the good ole saying back to school is being sung. Stores are prepping for you to consume mass amounts of notebooks, pencils, book bags, the latest computer or lunchbox! What we often allow to slip under the radar is, are our children prepared to be the best student they can possibly be? Have we encouraged them to understand how wonderful learning can be... even the thought to be boring stuff? We should train ourselves to get out of the routine of thinking that back to school is a drag. As a matter fact, our children should never stop learning because there are a few months of laid backness. Sidebar ... next summer we should consider sending our children to educational summer camps like Joy's in Teaching Whatever you decide to do, our children should never get out of the discipline of learning. Life does not pause, so why should learning?


Have you noticed, the longer we live, the more we seek to learn more about life. Learning should be based on how we can better each others lives. How to feed our souls and to love. So back to school is no longer the traditional lunchbox and notebook purchase, it should be about the maintenance of our soul. So, no matter how young or old ... SCHOOL is always in session.

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